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Introduce your series to readers in your genre in an exclusive mailing dedicated to YOU.

Fill out the form below to have your series featured as a stand-alone spotlight newsletter sent to all the readers in our list that fit your genre (all categories have 30K readers, give or take a few thousand). Expose yourself and your series to thousands of new fans! 

  • I will let you know what day you'll be featured immediately so you can plan.
  • I will layout the newlsetter and send you a link to it so you can approve it before that date.
  • I will use your series info from Amazon and your bio from Amazon to create this mailing - if you want to offer everyone a special deal, link to a free book or include any other info beyond what I can pull from Amazon you can do that.
  • See some past features here. You get a permanent spot here, in the AXP "Discover Series" spotlight area.

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Spotlight Testimonials

Just wanted to say a big thank you for the Author Spotlight feature yesterday. I sold eighty full-price books and had just over 500 downloads of my free first-in-series which, considering I haven't released anything for six months, was a pretty amazing day. Suffice to say, the feature was hugely effective and probably the best money I've spent in a long time!