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Genre-Specific AXP Book Fairs - Benefitting from Our Giveaway Traffic

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When I was in grade school we used to have Book Fairs, where I handed my grubby dollars over in exchange for Ramona and Beezus paperbacks. I wanted to recreate that for AXP readers (less the grubby bills), so I'm starting AXP Book Fairs!

The FAQs

  • AXP Book Fairs are week-long genre-specific events featuring FREE and 99c books/boxed sets.
  • They run Tuesday - Monday and run in conjunction with the Mailing List Builder events - this way the traffic coming in for each can also visit the other.
  • If you'd like to join but you can't keep your book free/99c for the full length of the event, you can pick days NOT to display your book. That way people using limited Kindle Countdowns can participate.
  • You can offer perma-free books.
  • Your links can go to retailers, instafreebie, wherever. That means you can send people to a link for your newsletter sign up to get a free book too!
  • In the AXP Giveaway that week? You do NOT have to use the same book in the Book Fair. Better the giveaway book is full price and a better prize anyway. You can though. You can also add as many other books as you like to the Book Fair.

What You Get:

  • Your FREE/99c book is exposed to thousands of readers.
  • Post a LINK to your newsletter sign up with your listing at the fair for the potential of also building your newsletter through direct opt-in.
  • You can feature as many books as you like. 
  • Your FREE/99c book posted on AXP's Twitter and Facebook pages and promoted on the site.


  • You submit your book(s) for the upcoming book fair.
  • Authors with books in the fair and/or giveaway and AXP promotes. 
  • Entrants for that week's Mailing List Builder are sent to the fair where they can take advantage of your free/discounted book.

Example of the Book Fair Sale Page

Rows and rows like this which can be sorted by author, price or available retailer -  but otherwise appear randomly each time so your book may be first at any point.


AXP Book Fair


Sign up here to feature your FREE or 99c book in our WEEKLY GENRE-SPECIFIC BOOK FAIR!


These are the upcoming MAILING LIST BUILDER & corresponding BOOK FAIR events, but you can sign up for any category and you'll be included when that event happens!

27-2 Christian/Wholesome
3-9 Series Event (Promote Whole Series!)
10-16 Womens Fiction
17-23 Paranormal Thrillers
24-30 Audio Books
1-7 Horror
8-14 Romantic Suspsense
15-21 Literary/General
22-28 Humor
29-June 4 Fantasy-Urban Fantasy
5- 11 Regency-Historic Romances
12-18 Steamy Romances
19-25 Science Fiction
26- July 2 Action Adventure/Men's Fiction
3-9 BEACH READS - Kindle Giveaway Event!
10-16 Cozy Mysteries
17-23 Mystery Crime/Thriller/Suspense
24-30 Sweet Romances