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AXP Newsletter Swap Club FAQ

"Formalize" Your Newsletter Swaps - Less Work, More Exposure!

No "tit-for-tat" stress - you use the promotions that fit your schedule and so does everyone else!

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How it Works:

  1. You join the Newsletter Swap Club for your genre(s). (FREE!)
  2. Everytime you have special or new release you fill out a quick form - this will let ALL the other authors in your genre know about your special.
  3. This info will be mailed right to their inbox, so they don't have to check a page for the latest posts or some other thing they'll never do...
  4. Authors who are sending out a newsletter within your date frame can respond to you (you'll include your email) to let you know they'll be including your book.)
  5. This will instantly multiply your reach!

Why is this awesome?

  1. SALES - Reach a LOT more readers! Sales! New Fans WHOO!
  2. ACCOUNTABILITY - if you're always asking others to include your book, but you never include theirs, people won't help you anymore, so the group is sort of "self-policing"
  3. EASE - you only have to send one message to contact EVERYONE.
  4. BETTER NEWSLETTER MEMBER RETENTION - Members will get a constant stream of book specials to add to their newsletters. You can only promote your own stuff so much - readers APPRECIATE when you tell them about other deals - they do, I swear! Free content for you AND your readers will thank you.
  5. CONTROL - You choose what books you want to include. You don't have to individually answer the requesters - you just opt to add or you don't, so you don't spend days trying to organize swaps.
  6. REACH - AXP will always be recruiting more authors, so your reach will continue to expand!


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