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Identifying and Refining Your Audience

Surveys & Polls
Poll readers (from your genre or broad) with questions any time you like to gain valuable insight and discover why they buy your books or why they don’t. Use surveys to refine your marketing, develop keyword lists for click-ads, or help you to write a marketing plan.

Test Cover and Blurb Variations 
Our surveys and polls also allow you to bounce cover designs and blurbs off hundreds of readers.

Gain More Followers

Build Your Newsletter List
The number one thing you can do for yourself as an author (as a person, it might be a weekly massage, who knows...) is build your personal newsletter list. Imagine having thousands and thousands of fans at your fingertips, every time you launch a new book?

Private Mailing List Events for Groups and Individuals
If you have a book group you can run your own mailing list building event with the power of OR if you don't like group events, you can run a private mailing list building event - any time you like!

Gain Followers 
AXP can help you gain folllowers on BookBub, Amazon, Twitter, Facebook and for your own newsletter lists. Once you get 1K followers on Bookbub, you can also send powerful Bookbub Preorder Alerts, so building followers is more than just feeling popular!

Street Teams
A street team helps an author hype his or her books. They come in especially handy during giveaways and new book launches. Nothing like having your own dedicated team of fans! AXP can help you build that team.

Sell Books Daily Deal Newsletters: Promote Sales, Freebies, New Releases, Pre-Releases, KU and More
With every promotion, AXP's Daily Deal Newsletter is ready to be sent to 25k readers (more or less, depending on genre). Just submit your deal to the Daily Deal Machine and we'll do the rest!

Author/Series Spotlights
Author Spotlights are like Daily Deal Newsletter emails (they're sent to 25k +/-), except you and your series are the ONLY books featured! Great for giving a whole series a boost or to help sell a new book and hook new readers. Here's a quote from one author: "The spotlight feature was great, btw--70 books sold and 50 preorders!"

AXP Book Fair
Every week AXP brings hundreds/thousands of genre specific readers to our mailing list giveaway events. After entering the event, these readers are funnelled to the AXP BOOK FAIR and presented with FREE & 99c books. Be sure yours is there!

Newsletter Swap Club
Imagine every time you had a price promotion, other authors promoted it in their newsletters? This is a great way for us all work together to promote our books -- all while creating value for our own readers by offering them deals in our newsletters!

Get Reviews & Beta Readers

Read & Review
Get contact info for 35 readers interested in reading your book and turn those readers into reviews.

Elite Readers
The Elite Reader Squad isn't just a next level read and review where readers are held accountable. Have an unusual or urgent request? Need very specific readers? Wish you had a collection of readers who worked for you? AXP now has an Elite Reader Squad that you can tap into any time you need them!

Beta Readers
Beta readers represent your future audience and can tell you about problems they had enjoying or understanding your story before you take your book to market an have scores of people tell you about these problems by way of bad reviews. 

Usual Review Request? Very specialized genre? Need votes? In a pickle?
If your book is unusual and needs a very particular reader for reviews, AXP can send a note to our readers any time to find YOUR perfect readers.

Find Resources

Find cover designers, Editors, Bloggers and More
Check out the resource area for cover designers, editors and other useful people to have in your address book.